IPS offers a wide variety of office partitions to meet all budgets and design requirements.

Our partitioning is installed by fully trained staff to ensure that our systems perform to the correct levels
All of our office partitions offer differing aesthetics, fire rating and sound proofing capabilities.

Entry Level Partitioning

Our standard entry level '600 series' system offers a low cost simple divide in solid finish and is also available as flexible glass partitions.

Generally based on a 1200m wide module, 600 series partitions are aluminium framed with a dufaylite panel which can be finished either with emulsion paint or with a wall covering of your choice.

Sound and Fire Rated Office Partitions

Komfire Systems offer higher sound reduction and either 1/2 hour or 1 hour fire rating.

Both of these partitioning systems are made up of metal stud construction with plasterboards fixed to the steel framework. Single skin of plasterboard is fitted to either side for half hour fire rating and double skin for one hour integrity.

A choice of cover strips for ease of installation and demountability or flush jointed office partitions can be installed for a seamless finish.

Folding Flexible Partitions

This form of partitioning gives flexibility to create larger spaces, whilst retaining the same sound reduction as conventional partitioning.

Many companies use this system to open up meeting areas to accommodate a theatre style presentation where appropriate.

This system can be folded or closed at will with simple mechanisms and can be finished to match the overall design of the surrounding office partitions.

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